So tonight we are being urged to watch Ken Jennings do battle with Brad Rutter and Jerome Vered for the Ultimate Title, Fame and Fortune, in the Tournament of Champions and $2,000,000.
We are told that we’ll be kept on the edge of our seats for the next three days, cheering them on.
Are the producers out of their minds?
Jennings already won $2,520,700, and now performs in commercials. He got a “bye” into the final of the current contest. And now Comedy Central is developing a game show in which he would star.
Rutter took home $1,155,102, and now hosts a local quiz show. In the present tournament he has already earned another $100,000.
Vered, a writer, made a mere $96,801 originally, way back (gee!).
If these past winners, “earning” their way into celebrity circles, were to play for charity in the same way that celebrity contestants play for charity, there might be some point.
“Millionaire” ran a repeat of former contestants, but their’s was of losers, those who had been knocked out in the first round and won nothing.
Well, as it is, one hopes that these obviously right wing producers will learn their lesson by seeing ratings that suggest the audience is feeling just a little bit insulted.