With all of the swashbuckling fury of a drunken Topanga plumber, this other force of nature makes its way up the spine of Cuba, towards the spine of Florida. And presents a TIMELY opportunity that should not be missed.
TIME for George W. Bush to think on the fact that as our president, he is not just a politician and a leader – both of which he has demonstrated with alarming regularity – but he is also a STATESMAN.
Using the stick and carrot analogy, we know how the stick is used, but we see little of the carrot.
Here, we face a common enemy.
Mr. President, pick up a phone, and put a call through to Fidel.
Tell him that this is not a political call (although it really is!), but a HUMANITARIAN call.
Say that we are ready to send aid, and would he kindly do the same when the hurricane hits Florida.
Then sit back and see what happens. If nothing happens, then you’ll have scored an important PR point, which will not go unnoticed everywhere in the world.