For Iraqis friendly to us, we created a new sovereign country, with a new Western style Constitution, and of course the power to make its own laws.
Great and grand! So now what just happened?
Last Monday, 2 British citizens, in plain clothes, were arrested by “new” Iraq after allegedly shooting two “new” Iraqi policemen who tried to detain them. One of the policemen reportedly was killed.
Ah, said the Brits, they are our soldiers, and they were operating under cover.
Later that day, British armored vehicles crashed through the prison walls of the new Iraq and rescued them. They were subsequently found in a nearby house in the custody of militiamen, Britain said.
Now the AP reports that Iraqi judge Raghib al-Mudhafar, chief of the Basra Anti-Terrorism Court, renewed the homicide arrest warrants.
Basra authorities understandably say the operation violated new Iraqi sovereignty, and the governor has ordered all government employees to stop cooperating with the British, who have 8,500 troops in the Shiite Muslim-dominated region. A true tu quoque response.
The British government said they are not binding on the disguised British soldiers. “There is no legal basis for the issue of this arrest warrant. Rather, we have a legal obligation to investigate the allegations ourselves. That is being done as we speak,” a spokesman at the British defense ministry said in London on Saturday.
Oh really?
Let some foreign militiamen try to get away with murder in Britain or the USA, and see what would happen.
We must have forgotten to teach the new Iraq one of the qualities that the West is especially well known for.
The power of hypocrisy.