You left the hospital today, and you, a Bush-Cheney campaign donor, made a statement about the hunting accident, and took no questions.
You should not have been walking behind the Vice President, and we need to hear you say “IT WAS MY FAULT!” Because then everyone will breathe easier, especially we-all-know-who.
On the other hand . . .
You are a lawyer and there’s the matter of liability. Cheney should not have fired behind him, a sweep no more than abeam of himself was standard practice…and the numerous other people present didn’t call a warning…and then there’s the manufacturer of the gun to consider…as well as the weather forecaster for that day…and the owner of the property…the insurance company, was there any?…whose insurance?…among many other things.
Republican Larry King might want to probe this on CNN so we can hear about it from all sides. On the other hand . . .
Later – “Shooting Victim Apologizes to Vice President”
A CNN headline, of course. Let’s examine the apology.
What Wittington said, actually, was
“My family and I are deeply sorry for all that Vice President Cheney and his family have had to go through this week.”
Thank you allthenewsyoucantrust CNN.
Stay tuned.