In this country, all judges must be licensed lawyers. There are no colleges where the graduates aspire to the high office of a JUDGESHIP.
Which is a pity, because as this site has pointed out many times, a lawyer’s brain is simply trained to be different from what is required of a judge. Lawschools, where they train RAM – Random Access Memory (untrained minds)- to become ROM – Read Only Memory (highly trained hard-wired advocates).
Now we have something new and really scary.
President George Bush has nominated a lawyer with NO JUDGE EXPERIENCE of any kind, to be elevated to the highest court of the land.
Harriet Miers, exercising the brains of an advocate, may be learning how to be a judge while delivering swing votes in legal decisions effecting every citizen of this country.
I would rather see an educated person of great proven integrity and character with NO LAW DEGREE be nominated, just good common sense, and a sense of what is right, moral and just (assistants can take care of the law details, wherein lurks the devil). The president has the power to do that. Innovative, different, stunning, and amazing.
No chance.