It’s my birthday today, and I’ve lived for 73 years.
Today it came flooding back to me, how I spent my birthday exactly five years ago. Yes, it’s time to review.
I was self-represented in court (pro per), defending myself from the onslaughts of my wife and her female (I think) attorney Emily Edelman, Esq.
I had delivered to her all of the documents she required, and her trial against me was due to start the next day.
Out of nowhere, Judge Arnold H. Gold decided that I had been “slow” in my responses to their myriad demands for more and more documents (while not ordering them to supply any to me, despite my demands), and sentenced me there and then to a night in jail.
I pointed out that trial was about to start, protested that I didn’t know why I deserved this treatment, and then told him that also it was my birthday and I had friends waiting for me at a restaurant after this pre-trial session was over.
Unmoved, the judge’s eyes glittered as he called over the bailiff, and I was led away to the Twin Towers to be stripped of my clothes and my self-esteem, and body cavity searched. The incident is recalled in my topic to the left, “What’s a Pro se to do?”
Well after the trial, ordered to pay my opponents’ fees under the disguise of “sanctions”, well after my eviction from my beloved home took place 2 days after 9/11, I came to know that my wife Lynn Redgrave had committed a gigantic fraud upon me, and upon the court, and that she hired a hit man attorney to maliciously prosecute me for her own secret ends, using the court and the media as her tools. I will never forget how she obtained a restraining order against me for no reason at all, and then had me very publicly evicted from the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Independent Spirit Awards. I didn’t dare attempt to use my ticket for the Academy Awards.
I know now that her actions against me were motivated by her plans for herself and her lover, who was that atypical actor phenom, the marriage poacher Brandon Maggart, who had come in to her life, it turns out to stay, back in 1977 when the two were out on tour together with Jerry Lewis, and later she got him cast in her ABC series Chicken Soup to be with her.
I go into some of this at the topic on the left “MY EVICTION PICTURES”.
This epic and very personal event has caused the loss to me of my home (I was paid just $2,616,03 as my share of the community property home), several million dollars worth of investments that had been frozen by the court at the top of the market boom, my other real estate investments sold in the dip right after 9/11 by the court, financial support awarded to me in the princely sum of $3,000 a month, and the alienation from me of my adult children, who are too blind to see what their mother has done to them and to their future.
I dumped the miserable support when I advertised and found a wife on the internet; I don’t think I could have survived without somebody in my life.
Mother Nature (my God) looked after me, and found the wondrous Miyuki from Japan, who has been able to make me settled and happy.
And why do I do this blog, and maintain this website?
Because America and its citizens need to know what can happen in American Courts, when what I choose to call a rogue judge (according to Merriam Webster, rogue means “of an animal, vicious and destructive”) is allowed to be installed in the sensitive area of family and probate law by the Chief Justice, work for reform, and hopefully lead a recall effort towards California Chief Justice Ronald George who in full knowledge of these events as they unfolded, allowed this kind of thing to continue under his watch.