Fellow Writer/Director/Performer Luis Moro informs us that he is being targeted by the U.S. Government because he made a film in Cuba, and thus runs afoul of the ongoing and toughening embargo on trade with Cuba.
He says “the U.S. Government is using the U.S. Embargo on Cuba to squelch my Freedom of Speech. The embargo is being used to stop me from showing my movie LOVE & SUICIDE. The reason: The movie was filmed in Cuba. Because of this embargo, I’m being threatened with civil and criminal penalties.
“Let’s transform the duplicity of some politicians claiming to want freedom for everyone, yet preventing us from expressing ourselves freely, and from traveling in, and doing business with Cuba. It’s now time for them to rethink and change their positions and get in step with current global conditions, especially as we trade with China, Russia and other former enemies.
“Thirteen years in a row The United Nations has voted overwhelmingly, in favor of lifting the U.S. Embargo on Cuba. In 2004, The UN voted against the embargo 179 to 4.
“The majority of the American people favor trade, travel and commerce with Cuba. I ask that we speak out directly and address these hypocritical politicians who receive donations and votes to keep the embargo on Cuba in place.”
It would be nice to see the DGA, a highly political and vocal organization steeped in the game of international communications, speak up on this very emotional subject!