The New York Times is to be commended for following up and reporting on the events in Brooklyn fully, and the jury is to be commended for doing what was right based on the damning evidence against a sitting judge that was placed before it. Americans nationwide deserve nothing less.
Read this and take heart, all you pro se’s and pro per’s out there. It is possible for Justice to trump the intimidating legal thickets which embolden lawyers and judges to befuddle and keep the public away while they socialize. Dinners and cigars, indeed!
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Notice how the placing of surveillance recording devices where it counted probably clinched it. And notice how the emperor will be wearing very new robes after his sentencing in June.
Over a five year period, 74 year old Judge Garson presided in nearly 1100 cases which involved splitting families; children, custody and money matters were entrusted to him. As a result of the thorough investigation, old divorce cases may be reopened, and civil suits may be filed.
Now that the illegal activities in the Anthony Pellicano case is winding its way to a California trial, would that the Los Angeles district attorney had the stomach to look into the goings-on in the Los Angeles Family court, and that the Los Angeles Times had the stomach to editorially insist upon it. They managed it in a series on nearby Las Vegas and Nevada, they should focus nearer my Hollywood home.