I wrote about Dr. Laura Schlessinger awhile back, comparing her to Dr. Toni Grant. So did Betty Bowers, which is also worth recalling.  If you want to know who Betty Bowers is, she’s explained here.  Meanwhile, we will wait with baited breath for the umpteenth coming of Dr. Laura, but in what shape? She claims she will be giving up her radio show.  Back to books, or TV reality appearances? A game show? A Judge on America’s Got Talent? (I can think of others who have done this.)  Perhaps she will go back to this, although I think it’s got a bit past her.

Her callers will have to find some other problem-seeker offering personalized answers. Someone with a little sensitivity, someone who will know whether it is ok to flaunt the "N" word. I do feel a tiny bit sorry for her, truth to tell. For her life as of now will be taken over by others not of her choosing, and I know how that feels.