“A courthouse is by definition a place where people lie; not to lie is to invite confinement in what one superior court judge calls ‘a structured setting.’
“It is a totally hermetic world, a world in which the most rancid view of human behavior prevails, and I find it mezmerizing”
I did not write that. These were the words of the late John Gregory Dunne, married to Joan Didion, and brother to Dominick Dunne.
I would add this amendment. Not so in a court where pro se/pro per litigants are involved. For this reason: The instant that a pro se/pro per litigant is shown to be deliberately lying, the judge will rapidly close down the case, and not in their favor. This does not apply to an attorney. His license allows him to lie, and if this is pointed out by the judge, he will quickly change his tune to something else. No risk at all either to him or to his client.
Read my “The Plight of the Pro se” at the left.
Anybody want to counteract his observation? Lawyers? Judges?