There is something quite thrilling when you observe how somebody is fighting the legal system by playing it at its own game. Never mind the truth, as I have found out to my considerable cost as a pro se; Justice is not too interested in that.
Deborah Jeane was smart. She started out her life in American Business with 1 year of legal training to gain sophistication, and now continues in her current problem, which is huge, with a fiercely loyal attorney to help her strategize (no pro se she!).
Her American business? Why, she ran an escort service for 13 years in the nation’s capital that may have been utilized by members of the nation’s Capitol. And therein lies her problem. Oh, she’s already been dubbed the “D.C. Madam”.
Her girls, around 130 of them aged 23 to 55, escorted clients for a fee of up to $300 an hour, and worked under contract with Deborah Jeane as subcontractors, not employees.
The girls have been deemed, some of them anyway, to be prostitutes, much like her clients, some of them anyway, who were lawyers and lawyer-trained politicians. About the same hourly rate, I’d say.
The government doesn’t like the exposure, and has handed down an indictment. And made a big BLUNDER. They froze her assets, just like Family Court!
This means that she lacks the means, very expensive means, to try and prove that her “associates” (as she calls them) offered only escort services and not sexual services. So she needs clients to come forward as witnesses, and swear UNDER OATH that they only received non-sexual services. And Americans take their oaths very seriously in court, so seriously in fact that none will come forward (“Scooter” Libby might have a comment on this!)
Subpoenaed documents include phone records of the clients. She has revealed them, which will of course lead fascinated members of the public to check out the owners of the phone numbers. One already has been revealed, and he, amazingly, whilst denying that any sexual activity took place, resigned his office in the government where he was a deputy secretary of State, and as part of his job was required to enforce a provision of the government’s HIV/AIDS prevention federal funds program which required receiving groups to sign a pledge denouncing prostitution and sex trafficking.
Disney-owned ABC television has the phone lists, and on their late night 20/20 program this Friday will deal with it in some way (it’s sweeps week!). Guess they will first examine the expense records of staff members who spent time in DC “on assignment” before deciding how far they’ll go.
Smile, chuckle, and stay tuned.
The ABC-promised revelatory ratings-rich show was a scam and a bust. It set out to show that Deborah Jeane was to be despised and belittled, assumed her guilt, and not one of the customers was identified or approached for an interview, phone records notwithstanding. Which serves to underscore the fact that American media will distort the news to fit its agenda and cannot be trusted. Staying up late was a complete waste of this viewer’s time.