Here we go again! This is what just happened:
In a speech on January 14, Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said “Iran has the right to nuclear energy”. Well, that sounds fair enough, France has used it for years, as do many countries around the world, although this country doesn’t currently embrace that peaceful use.
But CNN processed the translation of the speech, and in their own inimitable way, this is what they told the world that the president said:
“The use of nuclear weapons is Iran’s right.”
It would be interesting if, as this country’s self-appointed allthenewsyoucantrust voice of America, they precipitated Nuclear War.
THAT sure would beat Fox and MSNBC for sheer chutzpa.
CNN claims to maintain a Standards & Practices department. Is this their standard? Is that their practice?
Well, such activity has its own rewards.
CNN’s “mistake” (as they put it) has been deemed a “violation of professional ethics” and CNN journalists have been banned from working in Iran until further notice.