I enjoy watching Bob Costas commenting on this nation’s obsession with golf, and I enjoyed watching his intelligent interview with my ex sister-in-law Vanessa Redgrave as guest host on Larry King Live.
I am looking forward to his taking over Larry King’s seat permanently on CNN, and I hope it will be called “Bob Costas Live”.
What brings this observation about?
Because I just read that Bob Costas told CNN and their sensationalizing senior executive producer Wendy Walker that he would NOT, repeat NOT serve as substitute host on Larry King Live in a program that would be reporting for a drawn out hour on the sentencing of BTK (“Bind them Torture them Kill them”) serial killer Dennis Rader, and also more milked non-news in the Natalee Holloway teenager missing-in-Aruba case.
Good for him. Perhaps he could also run a refurbished Department of Standards and Practices over at CNN, which now appears to be quite moribund.
Meanwhile, “All the News You Can Trust” (Time Warner’s) has been beaten consistently, unashamedly, and without hypocricy, by “The Most Powerful Name In News” (Fox).
And in this country, Winner Takes All, as we know.