Available on the internet is a ranked list of the sizes of the world’s religions (including no religion), and while somewhat approximate, the proportions are startling.
Christianity: 2.1 billion
Islam: 1.3 billion
Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion
Hinduism: 900 million
Chinese traditional religion: 394 million
Buddhism: 376 million
primal-indigenous: 300 million
African Traditional & Diasporic: 100 million
Sikhism: 23 million
Juche: 19 million
Spiritism: 15 million
Judaism: 14 million
Baha’i: 7 million
Jainism: 4.2 million
Shinto: 4 million
Cao Dai: 4 million
Zoroastrianism: 2.6 million
Tenrikyo: 2 million
Neo-Paganism: 1 million
Unitarian-Universalism: 800 thousand
Rastafarianism: 600 thousand
Scientology: 500 thousand
Let’s think about this in terms of the future of civilization, of the continuation of life itself on this planet.
If we continue along the same paths of war, if we continue the same win/lose model, we have to ask whether those concepts continue to have any meaning.
“Win” and “Lose” means there is an end goal of closure, it’s always been that way. But closure is no longer possible.
Not now that a huge maybe equal chunk of the world’s population is prepared to give their lives as patriotic guerillas in their refusal to accept the West’s demands, armed as the West is with the enforcement threat of nuclear weaponry. It is just a matter of time before ALL countries have nuclear weaponry, and they will inevitably all have our current mindset.
So what’s the answer?
Human competition, which is part of the survival makeup mandated by Mother Nature, must be confined, under global law, to sporting games, and to the virtual fantasy life we now have (video games, cinema, theatre, and so forth). These endeavors are an accepted form of simulated real life, life displaced as it were, universally and enthusiastically practiced by everyone.
Any attempt at group violence should be seen as group “acting out”, and that is a concept widely known and condemned since the days of Freud.
And THAT is what should be outlawed. And the world can enjoy a peaceful existence forever, or at least until we get hit by a stray celestial body, instead of a not so stray nuclear missile.