It’s actually quite depressing to discover that the most insightfully relevant political and social commentary on today’s society is to be found watching HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, and Comedy Central’s South Park with Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
To appreciate that fact, one has to put one’s prejudices on hold, open up one’s mind, allow one’s sensibilities to be assaulted, and dare to watch. It is very refreshing to find numerous gems of sanity there, and you will also mine many laughs between the multiple wincing shudders of the latter offering.
Of course, the mass public, not having cable, will never know about these shows, as it is parentally protected by the FCC. Those unfortunate people will never know how unlucky they are. Well, at least they have The Simpsons, which compares only palely, and is deemed to be harmless.
Meanwhile, here’s a Maher quote, which resonated with me!
“Men understand even less about women than dogs do about the bond market”.