This is easy. ATTORNEYS AT WORK.
The AP reports today that Anna Nicole Smith’s lead attorney in the Bahamas, Michael Scott, Esq., has withdrawn as her counsel, citing disagreements on matters of strategy and concerns about her conduct.
He said he was unsettled by her decision to exchange vows with her boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, Esq. even before she made funeral arrangements for Daniel Smith, her 20-year-old son who just died, in a not legal marriage ceremony on a boat off Nassau, selling the pictures to Time/Warner’s People Magazine.
Stern says he’s the father of her new baby. And so does someone called Larry Birkhead. He’s gone to L.A. Family court, demanding that mother and daughter return to California for DNA paternity testing.
I just wonder what this has to do with fighting to get back her multimillion dollar inheritance from Texas oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II, whom she married in 1994 when she was 26 and he was 89, dying one year later. His son blocked the transfer under state law, then he died recently. Now the United States Supreme Court has solemnly given her permission to go after the loot, because her bankruptcy is federal law. Now this has given her a really big problem, how to pay the legal fees this entails (no, I don’t think this is a pro se type situation). Well, she’s nothing if not creative in finding solutions.
There is a public benefit, however. The American public will have its attention diverted from really silly problems like getting zapped by North Korea.