Bright Line
This term, bright line, is coming more and more into use, but what does it mean?
It means that where society cannot find an exact point of demarcation in an evolving human activity, it will make one up.
For example, when does life begin? Well, that starts during pregnancy, at the beginning of the third trimester.
Now the Supreme Court has just decided that youths may not be executed. But what is a youth? A youth is a person under the age of eighteen.
How about nature’s call, wanting to have sex? Again, eighteen.
And fighting in a war to the death? Again, eighteen.
You get the idea.
What this says is that “bright lines” are inventions for the convenience of man, admissions that the law actually is at a loss to know the answers.
It is time for the truth to be known, that each person after birth is an individual with a right to be considered on his or her own worth and readiness, or lack thereof.