Fossett’s Faulty Fuel Foiling Flight?
Funny. 2,600 pounds short? Whenever I had my plane refueled, they never charged me by the reading off my fuel gage, but rather from the tanker’s fuel gage. We’re all holding our breath hoping Fossett will make this a successful trip around the world solo on a tank of gas. But if he fails due to lack of gas, then someone wasn’t applying due diligence. Shame on all of them. Now I’m wondering, if this plane was re-fueled in the air, would it count for record purposes? Perhaps this was just an invention to hype the event.
UPDATE: March 3. The little plane could, did, and landed safely. Well done everybody, and it was nice to see the backing of Brit Richard Branson. He certainly puts his money where his heart is, and I only wish he’d been given a Concorde to play with.