The FCC Hays Office
“Private Ryan” is ruled by the FCC to be “not obscene”, and clears their standards.
Will Hays is back! Although, come to think of it, the Hays office production code of 1930 was trying to cut back on violence. Perhaps we are actually back to the Catholic Legion of Decency period starting in 1934, which concerned itself more with smut.
And now, with the threat of fines, broadcast companies will want to be running borderline films past the faceless FCC before showing them.
Why not be done with it? Let the FCC create a unit to censor films, and identify the censors.
Besides, with a ruling that “This film would get a fine if shown on a station using the public airwaves”, the film would be sure to get a following on a cable station, or on video, and could proudly boast that it had failed the FCC standards.
Same old same old.