Multi-Nation Think Tanks Needed Now, Urgent
The news that North Korea is boldly stating that it has nuclear weaponry, and that Iran has probably similar plans, is terrifying. Could be just their toe in the water, could be not.
History teaches us that world-shaking events seldom happen in one huge leap, but rather in slow increments, a dynamic we are all too familiar with at the personal level of litigant revelations in civil and criminal courts.
Faced with the idea that so-called “third world” countries (a term here used for convenience only) may well either develop their own nuclear arsenals, or become part of a bloc where such knowledge is shared and the weapons moved around, could be argued by them as a means to keep borders where they are now. In other words, that such weapons would only be used as a means of defense, but not as a means of aggression.
The problem with that thought, which pacifists may say could lead to world peace, is what happens when a new and charismatic third world unifying leader appears, and can wield the weapons as terrifying threats to mankind itself to achieve ends of global domination? The terrorist movement so far can be seen as mere mind conditioning skirmishes for a battle to come.
Nobody should doubt that Germany and Japan would have used such weapons if they’d got there first, in the closing stages of WWII. Nobody should doubt that we wouldn’t have used them against the Soviet Union if they hadn’t withdrawn their missiles from Cuba.
But this country should wait for the threats to become more real, and then for the activation of pre-arranged and whole-hearted unity under the United Nations.
Something has to happen, an event, to bring about a major attempt to disarm the “third world”. Prince Charles marrying Camilla Parker Bowles is not it.
The U.S.A and the U.K. should not attempt to go it alone with only symbolic assistance, and have the rest of the world criticize these efforts while saving their own treasuries. That is the modus operandi of clever politicians, as we have seen so far.
We must wait for proof from solid evidence, and then be ready to move swiftly in unison.