Scott Peterson
Well, he did some good.
He laid the foundation for stories to be written about his case.
He enabled his lover Amber, and her attorney Gloria Allred to make a bundle with a book.
And now I see his half-sister too has a book at her publishers, about why he’s guilty.
One wonders if these books were contingent upon a conviction, and whether somewhere there isn’t a lurking conflict of interest.
And one wonders too, who, and how many, are waiting in the wings in Michael Jackson’s case?
And I wonder to what extent justice is profit driven. Yes, even involving the lawyers.
ABA, where are you?
Update 3/22/05:
According to (self-styled) media expert and author Michael Levine’s newspage, “Gloria Allred is such a full-service lawyer that she even took care of her client Amber Frey’s baby on a flight back to Los Angeles on Saturday. The feminist firebrand was spotted in the first-class cabin, while Frey — the ex-girlfriend of wife-killer Scott Peterson — flew coach. But witnesses say Allred kindly sent back some of her fancy first-class food and champagne to her client.”
Wow, that was some book deal! But did Amber have a different attorney go over her book contract? How coach?