President Bush and Lawsuits
President Bush is to be commended in his efforts to bring down the number of frivolous lawsuits filed in this country, and to limit the fees paid to lawyers. So far he seems to limit himself to so-called “class action” law-suits, and makes comments about the frequency of them, and the small pay-offs to the parties who bring the suits, and the large fees paid to attorneys who represent the litigants.
I hope he will go further in his quest to stamp out this proliferation, and perhaps thereby dampen the enthusiasm of so many of our youth into careers connected with courtroom tactics.
Thus far, the attraction would seem to be for the large amounts of money that can be earned in such paths to success.
Other countries seem to get along very well in their lower ratio of lawyers to population, and therefore lawsuits. Perhaps they realize that legal services do not contribute to the wealth of a nation. They are not a capital resource, although they certainly are a renewable resource.