State of the Union speech, rated
That speech was a masterful display of how to play an audience, and on that basis was successful.
He had his audience in his lap, and played them to the hilt, and I have no problem with that.
He spoke of dreams, how we all have them, obviously him included. And of course we all wish ourselves the best of luck.
But now it’s down to the business of the day, the week, the month, the year, and those wretched obstacles to the fruition of our dreams.
As a discouraging footnote, however, let it be noted that the overnight ratings on ALL of the combined networks carrying the two hour speech were BELOW the ratings for the frivolous one hour of “American Idol” on one network.
It would be nice to think that most average people actually care about how this country is being run, who’s in power, and whether they are doing their jobs.
It’s supposed to be about democracy and freedom. Freedom to think about something else?
Everybody is urged to get around to viewing it or reading it, or the result will be unanimous. We will all get what we deserve.