Prince Harry’s or Mel Brooks’s Booboo?
Well, everybody’s explained for Prince Harry. He’s dumb, he’s stupid, he has no taste, he is making a mockery of the seriousness of the holocaust, he’s not fit to be a king, and so on and so on. And we all know he can’t speak for himself.
What is conveniently left out is —
The number one hit on the West End stage today (as well as Broadway) is a musical, conceived, written, and directed by Melvin Kaminsky (aka Mel Brooks), a jew. It’s called “The Producers”.
Because, family-wise, Harry appears to be spoken for only by his WeightWatchers speak-for Aunt Fergie, he is obviously disadvantaged. If he could speak up, he might say:
“I saw The Producers. I was appalled at the fact that people were actually laughing at the actors sporting the feared uniform and insignia of the Nazi Party.
“And so I resolved to draw attention to this outrage. I wore the same costume at a fancy dress party, like many others today. I wanted to see the reaction. Funny, it is exactly the opposite of what Mel Brooks experienced, but it worked. I hope this will make people think. If they do reflect a little more deeply about what it is OK to make fun of, and what it is not OK to make fun of, then I will have succeeded.
“It will also draw serious attention to the upcoming 60th anniversary remembrances at Auschwitz.”
For the media to suppress the link between “The Producers”, and the fact that possibly thousands of British and American youngsters may have become taken with the idea that it is cool and trendy to dress up in Nazi uniforms is journalistic dishonesty, you might even go so far as to call it journalistic fraud, in my opinion.
The media has a duty to report all of the news, not just the part of the news that supports its editorial slant.
I am sure that Mel is soiling his pants at the thought that this story could get out of hand and take off to places unknowable and uncontrollable, and that it will become politically incorrect to see The Producers, and his profits will vanish. That dividing line between comedy and tragedy is once again disappearing.
And I am sure that Rabbi Marvin Hier is a fair-minded person, unlike the dozens of self-appointed plummy-voiced Brit spokespersons currently appearing on all the U.S. networks pandering to the demands of their rates and ratings divisions, who are also having a field day. Perhaps he will speak up on this subject, to good effect.
As for the overwhelmed and much intimidated young Prince Harry, c’mon, give him a break!