July 6, 1967
Lynn and I were married on April 2, 1967. The ceremony was conducted in Sidney Lumet’s living room on New York’s Lexington Avenue, up in the 90’s somewhere, and photographed for Life Magazine by Michael Crawford who was into photography in those days.
Back to London to live in Lynn’s newly bought and empty cottage, and I was told that Viven Leigh, a close Redgrave family friend, lay dying, and that we should visit her on her deathbed.
I stood there, camera in my pocket, for I was then a professional photographer as well as an actor, and was doing work for TV Guide in England as a stringer.
I put my hand on the bulky Nikon in my pocket, and then took it away. I knew then, in my new position as Lynn’s husband, I would often find myself in incredible and intimate and very private situations with the famous.
I knew then too, that I would never again take pictures professionally. Not, that is, if I wanted my marriage to last. And that’s what happened ever after, or I should say didn’t happen.
She died the next day.