That’s what you have to say these days to any small girl or boy if they hope to succeed. Laws and regs abound everywhere. It’s not that you have to be a lawyer, but if you are not, you will be at a serious disadvantage all your life, at least in America.
But I find little reason for anyone studying for a law degree to want to be a practicing lawyer, especially a trial lawyer, not, that is, if they haven’t already sold their soul to the devil.
The other evening, I met an elderly lawyer at a bar in a restaurant where my wife and I were dining at the counter. He was very drunk. I asked him the big question. He said, if he knew when he passed the bar, what the world of law-courts would turn out to be, he would never have made it the choice of a career. He said he never regretted becoming a lawyer, but he would have used his knowledge and education to do something else, probably along entrepeneurial lines.
He then said he’d have to leave, was needed in court.
At least he’d kept a sense of humor.