I know a lot about this subject, it’s everywhere these days. Lawyers are responsible for a lot of it, for it helps to feed their families, which I suppose is all very well – for them.
Let’s examine the subject, for most is not good, and some I think is o.k.
Alienation – the bad

Topanga and its people
I loved Topanga, a little town I found, just 4 miles from the beach.
Well, that is to say, not exactly. I loved the topography, I loved the views, I loved the vast park – I created a home right alongside it – and I loved the ability to be private

I’ve always preferred number two. If I rent a car, it’s Avis. My word processing software is WordPerfect. I emigrated from England to the new world – to Canada. I married the number two sister in the Redgrave family. And I was the number two in my family, having an older sister. Perhaps that’s how

I’ve noticed that there are 3 levels of communication.
The main level, the obvious one, is where I communicate with you, and you communicate with me.
Then there’s where I communicate with you through a third party, a “spokesperson”, my publicist, for instance, or even maybe my lawyer (perish the thought). And the same goes