One of his more famous laws is “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
There’s a story that in a small village, with a church and a bank and a supermarket and a doctor and a drugstore, the local council was concerned that they didn’t have a lawyer, with the status that brings. It was pointed out that there were no problems, they all got along just fine. Nevertheless, the mayor brought in an attorney he knew, who set up shop. Nothing. No business at all. He was about to pack his bags in disgust, when it was suggested that perhaps the village should expand its ambition, and bring in a second lawyer. And that’s what happened. And guess what? These two guys were kept busier than ever.
In our society today, I think it is no accident that we see elections where there is no clear-cut winner. Both sides are about equal.
The polarization of America. Thank God we didn’t get to see a vice president, in the latest go-round, whose training was that of a Trial Lawyer. Enough said?