Hello fellow ex Brits, want to see a really excellent website of a splendid little ancient farmland village where I was brought up, just Northwest of London and not far from Hemel Hempstead, the scene of the recent explosions?
Here my first impressions of life were formed, during the War (which one, you say, the Great War, WWII, or something more recent?). World War Two, of course. I’m sure World War Three, if it happens, will not be a path towards World War Four.
Anyway, it was here that I also got my first impressions of the “Yanks” from the nearby Bovingdon Airbase. Yes, those “over-sexed and over-here” guys. All of whom I greatly admired, and decided that over-there was where I wanted to be, one day! And here I still am, 62 years later.
Chipperfield Village website [Stored in “a space for nostalgia”]
This site will give you a history, which goes back to the 13th century, and a geography of the area. I’m not so sure it is still sleepy, though.
Enjoy it, and let your nostalgia run wild.