Dear Mr. Clark,
I apologize for inserting myself into your day but I am very touched by your words, situation and attempt to clarify events in your life. I am moved to tears by your struggles with the judicial system, the broadcaster’s, and the individuals in your life.
As an ex-Jehovah’s Witness, a divorcee, and fellow human being I am qualified to stand alongside you in support of your standing up for the truth of what happened, in your opinion, and for your personal integrity. I do not know the truth about anything in life but I was also once under that dark fog when raised a JW…
I thank you for sharing your story with the world. I have to remind myself several times a week of that phrase, “what does not kill me will make me stronger,” and I’ve even lately begun to say, when faced with difficult times…”bring it on”…keep the faith brother because we need you and more like you.
Thank you and all of the best! -Sam
My response
Your “ex-Jehovah’s Witness” comment resonated for me, with its suggestion of searing memories, some of which I got to hear from Nicolette, about what this could do to a person who was “exed” – if they let you be, that is, after the (always) male Elders get through with you.