Hopefully you are the same John Clark who mentioned my Dad in a recent posting on the message board in Chippefield on line.
If you are then please be assured that you did spell his name correctly although I cannot imagine my Dad terrorising anyone. I am pleased to say that he is alive and well and still lives in the village. He is a much loved Dad of a son and daughter, he has two grandsons and a grandaughter, and the apples of his eye are his two great grandsons.
Hope this finds you well and apologies if you are not the same guy, although I did obtain this link from your letter posted on the message board.
Kindest Regards, -Lew’s daughter
My response
I got a big chuckle out of this, because it refers to a memory that goes back to the second world war. Read about it here “Chipperfield Reunited“.
Thank you, Lew (Channer)’s daughter, and I wish your Dad well. I’m glad he graduated out of Chipperfield’s “West Side Story” gang!