I was reading your blog because I was curious about “your side” of the story regarding your divorce.
An open marriage I can see and why didn’t you just leave it at that when you explained in your blog? The woman you had your son with was attractive to you, and nature took it’s course. That I was ready to believe and can actually see (especially if you really thought your wife was having affairs).
You lost me when you started with the “you did it to save Nicolette’s life”. So you impregnate a woman that’s obviously emotionally distraught because somehow you deem that having another life will “save” her???? That’s far more bizarre than any Hollywood open marriage story. If Lynn’s side is true-you were a rat for getting another woman pregnant. Not cool. If what you’re saying about an open marriage is true-just leave it at that. All the impregnanting a woman to save her life sounds so ridiculous. Well, ridiculous enough for me to actually write you about it.
I’m only commenting because I figured it was OK since you have an open blog and an e-mail.
No offense or good or bad judgements intended. I don’t expect you to read this and certainly don’t expect a response. Just giving my opinion on what has almost become public domain (your impregnating another woman). – Layla
My response
Laila, I only ask that you read all of this. If you did, I don’t think you could reach that conclusion. See above about the life of an ex Jehovah’s Witness.
I don’t intend for this to be a site that favors males over females, but having been the victim of, now, three women, the mothers of all of my children, I can say “Been there, done that”, and to the extent that your views have a distinctly anti-male bias which can lead to other things, I hope you will read my piece on the subject of alienation (see Alienation under the Topic “A SPACE FOR REFLECTION”).
It is a sad comment on today’s society that such lines are drawn, and your comments as it effects me, bolstered by what you may have read in the media, or watched on television, do not surprise me.
To turn things around is like trying to turn a 200,000 ton tanker around in the English Channel, but my efforts, not just for myself, but others too, will continue. Thanks for writing.